Up North Audio is the UK concessionaire for all ASR amplifier products. All new equipment has a 3 year guarantee; we have an excellent upgrade path and offer a fair trade in against all equipment. We offer part exchanges not only against your old hifi equipment be it Vintage or modern, but in fact most things are considered i.e. cars, motor bikes, motor homes, watches etc, etc. If we can do a deal we will.

Having been a hifi enthusiast for many years and having owned many high end products I firmly believe that not only are the products we offer some of the best in the world but also pound for pound and pound for music reproduction they are the best in the world.

Back in 2004 our reason to represent ASR Amplifiers in the UK was mainly because their technical specifications were more than a perfect match for the Manger sound transducer that we used to import.

Little did we realise back then that after acquiring the ASR Emitter 2 on technical merits alone, that we would be experiencing one of the finest amplifiers in the world that outclasses many amplifiers of threefold the cost.

The ASR has the width of dynamic swings we associate with the most monolithic of tubed amplifiers, yet it is so incredibly fast I would say can only be described as lightning fast but totally homogenous, Bass is just incredible from deep gut wrenching to crisp clean and tight. The ASR Emitters both 1 and 2 manage such an astonishing field of depth with such low noise floor that you just cannot fail to be impressed.