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ASR Audiosystems have been successfully building integrated amplifiers, pre amplifiers, and phono pre-amplifiers since 1980. The concept for their integrated amplifiers are totally different from all other integrated amplifiers.

ASR Magic Cord Active ASR Magic Cord Active

The ASR active Magic-Cord is a high quality mains conditioning power cord for any of your source components.

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ASR Basis Exclusive HV Model 2016 ASR Basis Exclusive HV Model 2016

The ASR Basis Exclusive High Voltage is one of the most advanced phono preamplifiers on the market

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ASR Mini Basis ASR Mini Basis

More amplifier for the money is just not available, an absolute audio bargain.

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ASR Emitter II ASR Emitter II

The ASR Emitter II is the right amplifier for the uncompromising Audiophilen!

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ASR Emitter I ASR Emitter I

The ASR Emitter I is well equipped with expensive parts for his price and the ideal amplifier for a high-quality High End setup.

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