ASR Emitter I

ASR Emitter I

The ASR Emitter I is well equipped with expensive parts for his price and the ideal amplifier for a high-quality High End setup especially with very demanding loudspeakers with critical impedance curves.

With the sum of his special technical solutions, the ASR Emitter I is high class High End equipment for your home.

The ASR Emitter I Exclusive is even better equipped and the right amplifier for the Hifi Connoisseur.

A smaller three box solution to audio nirvana for those that can’t accommodate his big brother the four box Emitter II

ASR Emitter 1 and Emitter 2 External power supplies
Both Versions one and two of the ASR Emitter amplifier use exceptional High End
external power supplies. More Information >

Battery power supplies
For a perfect sound and musical picture, an amplifier has to be supplied with a very clean and stable supply voltage to the input stage. This is of the up-most importance. You have the option to supply the input stage of the Emitter amplifier with a perfect voltage, achieved with a separate battery power supply. More Information >

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