ASR Emitter II

ASR Emitter II

The ASR Emitter II is the right amplifier for the uncompromising Audiophilen!

The ASR Emitter II drives the most complex and demanding loudspeakers like big flat panel speakers and extensively built and difficult to drive dynamic speakers to their maximum tonal performances.

With an ASR Emitter II the music unfolds in your home with full dynamic bandwidth: from the quietest rustle of a leaf to the strength of the full orchestra! The reproduction remains powerful to the highest levels and the sound picture remains stable-a result of the extraordinary strong voltage supply with a separate power supply unit per channel. With an Emitter you can listen to music relaxed for many hours.

Through the very special construction with regulated gain and without preamplifier, the ASR Emitter II has already a very good resolution and sonic attack at very low levels.

The ASR Emitter II is available in two versions, ASR Emitter II and Emitter II Exclusive.

ASR Emitter 1 and Emitter 2 External power supplies
Both Versions one and two of the ASR Emitter amplifier use exceptional High End
external power supplies. More Information >

Battery power supplies
For a perfect sound and musical picture, an amplifier has to be supplied with a very clean and stable supply voltage to the input stage. This is of the up-most importance. You have the option to supply the input stage of the Emitter amplifier with a perfect voltage, achieved with a separate battery power supply. More Information >


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